Get a Skylight That's Built to Last

Upgrade your home with a skylight window replacement in Hampstead, Portsmouth, NH and the surrounding areas

The days of the leaky skylight are gone for good, thanks to VELUX Skylights and KTM Exteriors & Recycling of Hampstead, NH. VELUX offers an industry-first 10-year, no-leak warranty. When you combine that with our expert window installation service, you can rest easily knowing your new skylight won't let you down.

Looking to replace your roof and get a new skylight? KTM Exteriors & Recycling can handle both. Call our Hampstead, NH office today to schedule a window replacement.

See the benefits of installing skylights

See the benefits of installing skylights

If you're building a new home or office in or around the Hampstead, NH, make sure you install a few skylights. Skylights let you create a healthier, more energy-efficient home or office by...

  • Providing balanced daylight
  • Depending less on air conditioning
  • Using fewer electric lights
Most importantly, skylights offer a big return on a small investment. Laws passed in 2008 and 2009 provide homeowners with up to a 30% tax credit on both the purchase and installation of qualifying products in renewable technologies. When combined with a smooth installation by KTM Exteriors & Recycling, the VELUX Solar-Powered Fresh Air skylights qualify for this tax credit.

Schedule your skylight window replacement or a new VELUX window installation by calling our Hampstead, NH office today.