Living in the Northeast during the wintertime, we know that the cold weather season can be largely unpredictable. That could mean after a heavy snowstorm (remember 2014!), a foot of snow could be sitting on your roof for days. You don't need a roofing contractor to tell you that's not good on your roof!

Not only is your roof not structurally built to sustain the kind of weight and pressure that comes with heavy snowfall accumulation, it is not built to shield against that level of moisture. The kind of moisture that can flood your entire house with infiltration starting in your walls and ceilings, working their way down, potentially leading to more damage than just roofing maintenance and repair. Snow removal is a necessity if you want to ensure the health of your roof and your home.

When you do not shovel your roof, ice dams form. This blockage-made entirely of solid ice-makes it impossible for snow to melt and drain from your roof, so it will just go through your roof.

All that aside, as far as we know most people don't want to go outside in below freezing weather to try and shovel their roof!

That's where KTM Exteriors & Recycling comes in!

Our snow removal service is comprehensive. Not only do we shovel your roof, we also ensure that you have proper attic insulation and ventilation, which is a large contributor of ice dam formation.

In summary:

  1. Failure to shovel snow from roof can lead to serious structural damage to your roof.
  2. Poor insulation and ventilation can lead to ice dams, which can cause water to leak into your home through your roof.
  3. KTM Exteriors & Recycling can take care of all of it for you.
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