KTM does top-notch roof remodeling for homes as well as commercial buildings! We were recently contracted to repair the roofs on Pequot Highlands, a 6- and 12 story building, in Salem, Massachusetts. Heights don’t scare us even when there’s tons of equipment and multiple cell towers. Throughout the repair process, we were met with a lot of obstacles but repair was breeze. The before and after pictures show just how precise we are with roof repair.

We are a Mule-Hide Eligible contractor and Carlisle authorized applicator, meaning our years of expertise with these products guarantee a quality rubber roof. Not only are rubber roofs durable and cost efficient, they are long lasting and environmental friendly. Rubber roof installation is typically quick and since there are fewer seems, that means less chance of any leaks happening!

Contact us to service your rubber roof! From office buildings to apartment complexes, trust KTM for a job well done!


KTM Exteriors & Recycling installed custom black gutters for this residential home in Massachusetts. We are proud to extend our exterior design services to not just roofs, but your gutters.


This is a flat roof repair job that we tested out our newest piece of equipment, the Equipter RB4000! We're very excited to bring this product into our work and looking forward to what it can do for our future projects.


Roof replacement of residential home. Check out the different stages of the entire replacement process.


Roof replacement of condo complex. KTM Exteriors' expertise and skill covers roofs of one bedrooms to entire complexes and other commercial projects!


Roof replacement of residential home, with landscaping protection. We do our absolute best to protect any landscaping or additional exterior features on your home while we work. You can also see immediate removal of old shingles with one of our dumpsters - because KTM Exteriors can both build and remove disposable material, we can do it all in one swoop!