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Do I Need a New Roof?

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A simple inspection can save you money and preserve the health of your home

Don’t wait for disaster to strike, learn the signs of a failing roof in order to replace it in a timely manner.

Your roof doesn’t need to be complicated. By inspecting your roof, and identifying the beginning of a problem, you can prevent damages to your home, and protect your wallet. KTM Exteriors prides itself on knowing the ins and outs of roofs. That’s why we’re going to share with you some signs too watch out for in your roof.

  1. Curled shingle edges: As shingles age and are exposed to the elements the bottom edges can curl up and pucker.
  2. Cracking of shingles: Shingles may begin to crack and pieces may begin to fall off.
  3. Balding of shingles: Be on the lookout for smooth shingles. The granules that cover shingles can wear off over time. The granules can accumulate in your gutters, which can indicate a susceptibility to water damage.
  4. Moss growth: Found in areas of the roof where the sun doesn’t shine. This is a sign of moisture in your roof.

There are many other, more subtle signs than can be spotted by an expert. KTM Exteriors offers that expertise, so call us now for general information, along with a free quote!

Exterior and Siding Trends

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Looking to add curb appeal to the exterior of your home? Well look no further! KTM has you covered on the hottest trends right now. Changing the exterior of one’s home can seem daunting, resulting in homeowners playing it safe when it comes to exterior siding, color and accents. KTM offers vinyl and fiber cement siding, guaranteeing you’ll get the look you want for your home while having professional, stress-free and proper installation. Check out these trends we’re loving this summer:

Mixing siding styles
Shakes, shingles and stone together can add character to your home instantly. The possibilities are endless when it comes to mixing styles.

Installing shutters
Shutters are a great way to add a pop of color to your home. Don’t be afraid to go bold!

Adding trim
Don’t forget about trim when outfitting your home. Trim installed in intricate shapes can take your home to a whole new level.

Updating your siding
Having new siding installed with “hot, new” colors is a sure way to add that pop of color    you’re looking for for years to come! Here’s are current favorites:

Contact us today for your FREE quote to update your exterior! As the top roofing and exterior contractors of New England, we guarantee the home of your dreams! We provide quality service and expertise on all projects, as well as financing.

Roof Replacement Costs

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A smart investment for your home is maintaining a healthy roof, which may mean investing in roof repair or total roof replacement. The cost of a new roof can seem daunting, but a functioning, healthy roof has the best return on investment (ROI) for homeowners. The average roof replacement costs between $4,900 to $14,100. What factors play into this cost? Check out the list below:

  • Roof size
  • Pitch/slope
  • Type of application
  • Materials used
  • Number of layers
  • Where you live
  • Code requirements
  • If skylights, chimneys, plumbing pipes or other objects are present

Some of these factors may make sense to you and others may not. Here at KTM, we walk you through the entire roofing process. There are no middle men, so KTM will talk to you about what options you have and how much those options cost.

KTM knows the importance of a properly installed roof and we guarantee nothing less. You may not be familiar with roofs, but we are the roofing experts of New England! Contact us today to come out and survey your roof for FREE! We handle the entire roofing process and understand that a new roof can be costly. We are proud to offer financing options for not only roofing, but all our projects.

Boosting your Home’s Curb Appeal this Summer

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Looking to boost your home’s curb appeal? Warm and beautiful weather is here which means it’s time to get those outside projects started! Projects to accomplish this summer could be as small as pressure washing your home’s exterior or as big as completely replacing your roof. Check out KTM’s list of projects (both big and small!) to make your home’s exterior everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

  • Pressure Wash: Remove all that dirt and other material that has built up on your home’s hard surfaces over the harsh winter months. Pressure washing is a quick and easy way to clean outside surfaces.
  • Stain Deck/Fence: The sun and rain take their toll on your stained outside surfaces. Sealing or staining your deck or fence can bring it back to its original beauty, breathing new life into your home’s exterior. If you decide to replace or remove your deck or fence, KTM has dumpster rentals for all projects. KTM offers easy drop-off and pick-up, ensuring you save your time and the interior of your car!
  • Replace Siding: One of the best ways to update your home is by replacing the siding. KTM specializes in both fiber cement and vinyl siding. If you’re unsure about which type is best for your home, contact us! We’re always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Landscape: There are endless possibilities when it comes to landscaping! Planting trees, flowers and shrubs or adding a fountain are simple ways to improve curb appeal. Installing sod or other low maintenance alternatives (grass, fescue, clover, hydrangea), can make your life a breeze while giving your home a natural feel.
  • Replace Roof: Your roof is an important structural element that you should replace every 20-25 years. Noticing leakage, curling or buckling of shingles, missing shingles, or other problems? Then it’s time to repair or replace your roof. Contact KTM for a free survey of your roof. We are the roofing experts of New England and handle the entire roofing process from start to finish!

No matter what the project, KTM can find a way to help. From siding and roofing to dumpster drop-off and pick-up, we are here to assist you. Don’t forget we offer financing for all our services.

Roofing Myths Debunked

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Understanding the ins and outs of roofing can be confusing. Whether you’re unfamiliar with roof repair or afraid of the cost of hiring someone to do replace it, KTM is here to guide you through the process. KTM knows uncertainty can hinder individuals from getting the much-needed work their roof requires, so we’re here to clear the air about any and all myths you may have heard!

  1. My Roof will Last Forever

FALSE. Wishful thinking! Roofs require replacement at some point even if you have the “best” material on the market. Climate and weather conditions play a pivotal role in the lifespan of your roof. No roof is mean to outlast the house it covers.  

  1. Installing a New Roof Takes a Long Time

FALSE. A skilled roofing contractor can typically finish an entire roof in a day or two depending on if mother nature behaves or not. At KTM there are no middle men or subcontractors, so we will let you know exactly how long any roofing project will take. Contact us and schedule your FREE survey today!

  1. I Can Save Money by Installing a Roof Myself

FALSE. Roof repair is more than just new shingles. Sometimes the underlayment, sheathing and joists need replacement too. A skilled roofing contractor knows what to do so that a job well done happens the first time, ensuring you and your family are safe and no additional expenses arise. KTM is partnered with Service Finance, GreenSky, Home Investment Bank and others to offer financing for all our projects!

  1. It’s More Cost Efficient to Repair than Replace

DEPENDS. Every roof is different. Typically a repair is going to cost less than a total replacement, but circumstances arise that replacing the entire roof for a little more is going to benefit you and your wallet in the long run. If a large portion of your roof needs repair, it’s in your best interest to replace the entire roof. Schedule your free survey with KTM today to discuss if repair or replacement is your best option!

  1. I Don’t See Any Leaks, My Roof Doesn’t Need Repair

FALSE. Leaks are a great indicator that your roof needs repair. But don’t be fooled, roofs with extensive damage may not leak at all! Sometimes problems are visible; holes, missing shingles or dark spots. Other times there’s not; mold, rot or moisture. If you haven’t had your roof looked at in a while, a qualified roof contractor can find any hidden problems. Visit our residential roofing page to learn more about our roofing options and process and contact us with any questions you may have!

Does your commercial business need new roofing? KTM specializes in rubber roofing for businesses of all sizes. Taking care of your business is just as important as your home. Check out our commercial page to learn more!

4 Spring Home Improvement Projects

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Soon April showers will bring May flowers and that means it’s time to do some spring cleaning and maintenance. Here’s four projects KTM Exteriors & Recycling recommends to ensure your house is ready for the upcoming warm, wet months.

1. Roof Repair
A roof is the most important element of any home. It keeps you and your family dry along with everything else. Check if any shingles were lost or damaged during the winter months. If you see a problem, ignoring it could turn into a much bigger one! KTM Exteriors & Recycling can take care of any of your roofing needs, no matter how small. Contact us to schedule a survey, FREE of charge!

2. Gutter Replacement
Correctly installed gutter systems are vital for carrying as much water as possible away from your home, ensuring no water in your basement or crawl spaces. KTM Exteriors & Recycling is a proud partner with Englert, who has over 50 years of experience in residential gutter systems and provides over 15 colors to match any roof.

Not looking to replace your gutters? KTM installs gutter guards that not only protect your gutters, but update the look as well!

3. Update Siding
Not loving the look of your home? Is your siding dull or damaged? Updating your siding can boost your house’s curb appeal, giving it the charm and value you’ve always wanted. KTM Exteriors & Recycling has vinyl and fiber cement siding available, both requiring minimal maintenance. Not sure of which siding is best for your home? Contact KTM to discuss each siding!

4. Spring Cleaning
Looking to update an old shed or replace appliances? KTM offers demolition and clean-up services. Don’t stress about the mess, KTM will leave your space in spotless condition. No need to supply any equipment, we’ve got it all. Don’t forget, KTM has licensed mold technicians and water restoration specialists to aid in any project.

As you complete your spring cleaning and maintenance check list, consider renting a dumpster from KTM Exteriors. KTM offers free delivery and pick-up for any of your spring home improvement needs. Not sure which size if best for your project? Contact KTM and we’ll find the perfect size for you!

Contact us about any of your home improvement needs! Be sure to ask us about financing too.

Ice Dams – Protect your roof and interior structures from winter damage

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The Northeast has been hit with above average snowfall and below average temperatures in recent years. This makes attention to roof maintenance and care essential. Have you noticed icicles forming around your roof this season? While these may be iconic of winter landscapes, they’re also a sign of potential ice dams.

As described by one of our partners, Owens Corning, “an ice dam is a wall of ice along the edge of the roof that forms when melting snow continually thaws over warmer portions of the roof and refreezes along the roof’s colder eaves.” This leads to leaks that can damage interior walls, ceilings, insulation and other areas of your home.

To avoid the potential damage from ice dams, you can take two approaches:

  1. Be proactive by calling in an expert like KTM. We can assess the damage and take necessary action. This could mean additional shingles, underlayments, barrier products, ventilation, or insulation.
  2. Prevent the potential for ice dams by prepping your home for next year by remembering the essentials. That includes cleaning gutters and downspouts, applying proper waterproofing products, and inspecting for proper attic insulation and ventilation.

Whether you need preventative assistance or a contractor to fix current damage, KTM can help with gutters, roofing, siding and more. Don’t let ice dams ruin your winter or spring, call KTM to discuss all of our capabilities and products today!

Get your roof ready for winter

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Winter is coming. While cold weather season is already here, wintertime is undoubtedly the toughest time on your roof. Your roof is not structurally built to handle the kind of weight that comes with heavy snowfall. There’s no better time to get your roof and your home ready for winter than now with these tips:

  1. Roof inspection: Get an idea of how your roof is doing before the snowfall comes. Call KTM Exteriors & Recycling and we can make sure all the shingles are in order.
  2. Clear your roof: Leaves and branches are all too common during autumn, and they love to get stuck on your roof and in your gutters. Leaving this debris and then compounding it with snow will increase your risk of potential leaks and clogged gutters, which can lead to the formation of ice dams on your roof.
  3. Survey ventilation and insulation: This is something you should monitor all winter. Poor attic ventilation and insulation can make it difficult for your home to warm up, which can put a huge dent in your wallet. Not only that, but it can also encourage formation of ice dams on your roof.
  4. Tree trimming: As mentioned in #2, leaves and branches love to get stuck on your roof and in your gutters. Take this preventative measure (especially if you don’t have gutter guards) to keep your gutters clear during the winter. Gutter guards are also an excellent solution that KTM Exteriors & Recycling can easily install for you. Learn more about our Gutters services here.
  5. Flashing inspection: Your flashing is an extra-protective measure designed to direct water off of your roof. Be sure to inspect your flashing now to see if it is loose or torn. Making these repairs now is significantly cheaper than doing the repairs on a major roof leak! Give us a call and we can inspect your flashing for you.

Want to know how much snow your roof can handle? Give us a call and we can take a look!

Don’t forget–we offer snow removal services so you don’t have to climb up and shovel the snow. Learn more about our snow removal services here.

Contact Us today about roof maintenance and prep for the upcoming winter! Be sure to ask us about Financing.

Our Work: Roof Replacement in Raymond, NH

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It’s important to show you how KTM Exteriors & Recycling can transform your home. With our variety of services paired with our Residential Roofing Services, we can give your home the upgrade you’ve been looking for!

This project, completed in Raymond, NH, was a residential roof replacement. This job was completed in under 12 hours–that’s how quickly you could get your new roof replaced. Their new roof is made up of asphalt shingles, and we used virtually all Owens Corning products on this job to construct it, including: TruDefinition Duration Shingles, WeatherLock ProGrade Ice and Water Barrier, ProEdge Cap Shingles, and Vent Sure WeatherProtection Strips. The non-Owens Corning items used on this job were all aluminum products, primarily used for exhaust pipes, flashing, and additional leak prevention.

What was unique about this job in particular was the original roof was metal! While metal roofing has some benefits, including lifespan and heat conduction, it can be easily dented and marred, and replacement can be difficult. In this case, the homeowners were having a variety of issues, including leaks, so it was time to start anew.

Our team completely stripped and removed all metal roofing panels and replaced them with Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration Architectural Roofing shingles. As an Owens Corning Platinum Contractor, we know that the quality of their products are a perfect match with the quality of our roofing services.

In addition to replacing the roof, we also replaced a kitchen skylight. Roof replacement is a great opportunity to replace your old skylight. Be sure to trade-in your skylight for VELUX, our preferred provider! Learn more about our Skylight Services here.

Check back on our blog for more portfolio projects in the future!

Contact Us today about replacing your roof! Learn more about our Residential Roofing Services here. Be sure to ask us about Financing.

What type of siding works best for your home?

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Did you know that there are multiple siding solutions for your home? Each type of siding has different benefits and drawbacks, but all can provide the “curb appeal,” that homeowners seek, as siding is an excellent solution to upgrading your home.

KTM Exteriors & Recycling are experts in two types of siding: vinyl and fiber cement. Thanks to our partnerships with two of the industry’s top siding manufacturers, we can deliver both the upgraded look you seek and superior service. Check out the difference types of siding below and let’s figure out which material is best for your home:

Fiber Cement: The latest development in siding technology, fiber cement can provide the look of wood or masonry at a substantially lower cost than the real thing. Oftentimes, this type of siding can be virtually indistinguishable from actual wood siding! There are a variety of styles and textures.

Fiber cement siding is low maintenance and termite resistant, however there have been reported problems with moisture–that’s why we work with James Hardie. They have worked on their products for over 30 years and dedicated millions of dollars to refining their product into the best fiber cement siding in the industry.

Vinyl: Arguably one of the most popular siding choices for homeowners, vinyl siding is a great low cost and low maintenance option for your home. Like fiber cement siding, vinyl siding offers substantial versatility in terms of colors and textures. The one major caveat with vinyl siding is that it can be prone to cracking and buckling under cold temperatures if not installed properly–that’s why we work closely with CertainTeed, the best vinyl siding manufacturers in the industry, to provide both the quality and service you seek.

Wood: Most would say this type of siding has the greatest “curb appeal”: with a variety of colors, textures, and finishes, your home can get a stunning look with wood siding. However, there are a few drawbacks: because of all the variation, there is a greater range of costs, from both installation and maintenance, as an exterior finish is required and must be occasionally serviced. Wood siding is much more susceptible to weather, rotting, and insects/rodents.

Metal: Metal siding is typically made up of aluminum or steel. Often this siding is used as “retrofit” siding, meaning applied over wood siding that is worn out or damaged. If installed properly, there are typically no issues with moisture or unwanted insects/rodents. This type of siding offers both horizontal or vertical styles, and comes in a variety of colors. The major drawbacks to this type of siding can be prone to dents or fading over time, thus requiring specialized coating at additional cost.

Stucco: Stucco siding provides a very distinct, stylish look to your home. This type of siding is incredibly durable and has very little maintenance required for upkeep and keeping insects/rodents at bay. However, similar to metal siding, this type of siding can often fade and unless in decent condition, you will not be able to repaint. If your home is older, stucco siding can begin to crack if you have foundation movements. If you live in an area with heavy moisture/rainfall, we would not recommend this type of siding.

Not sure what type of siding is best for your home? We love questions! Give us a call today and let’s talk about how we boost your home’s “curb appeal.”

Contact Us today about upgrading your siding! Be sure to ask us about Financing.

Photo courtesy of CertainTeed.