I had the ugliest house in Wolfeboro, The middle of it turned out to be a 1930s kit house using 1" x 2" studs built with panels connected by pins. Over the decades additions were added with no architect or designer consultation. I'm in the real estate business and there is no category style to place this house. Just parking my car in front of it to cover even a little bit was a public service from anyone driving past on Rt 28.. So much structural supports and vision to rebuild It is hard to find anyone to take on this kind of project--then came KTM Exteriors. Glyn shared the vision and has some of the most competent and attitude free workers with good ideas of their own doing things few would have the talent or desire to do. Ugly is starting to look like a very cool Arts and Craft

In my business, I have experienced bad contractors some who even thought they should be in jail for incompetence still get an A rating with BBB because they just pay their dues. KTM Exteriors doesn't need to pay for showing great work--they do it. Hats off to you all unless you need to be wearing a hard hat.

-Michael T

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KTM Exteriors & Recycling offers a wide range of exterior improvements and recycling services in Hampstead, NH, the Metro Boston area, and throughout Southern Maine. 

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If you need a roof installation, window replacement or siding installation, make sure you work directly with a skilled contractor serving Hampstead, Portsmouth, NH & surrounding areas. Our exterior improvements can give you the home you've dreamed about.

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Everyone deserves to live in the home of their dreams, and cost should never be the issue. We're very proud to offer you several financing options for our exterior improvements.

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